The story of a FOOD photographer

I started my food blog, Un petit oiseau dans la cuisine, back in 2015 when I came back from a long journey discovering the world with my partner. And by discovering the world I mean discovering the yummies and colorful dishes from inspiring countries and cultures! At this time I was looking to bring creativity in my daily life and was absolutely in the pursuit of healthy food happiness. My food blog was first a passion and has since grown into a more artistic and creative work behind the camera.

Since going really dedicated to experiment and reach beautiful photo for my blog and recipes in 2019, I made it my ultimate goal to strengthen my food photography. The more I created the more my food photography improved, and the content itself opened me doors.

Beginning of 2020 my photographs encouraged me to create my own studio, Le Studio du petit oiseau.

Since then, I worked with amazing people, incredible food entrepreneurs launching their new products, jumping in new fabulous projects. I am always so happy to be part of their dreams, their adventures and at the end to provide the images that will reflect the perfect moments, ideas, intentions they need to be remarkable on the market.

Creating strong boundaries with my clients by sharing what we have in common with passion, happiness, confidence and trust is the key to boost my creativity and provide to them the images that correspond to their identity.


SPO - Studio Photo

Eva Roggenstein

1143 Apples Switzerland

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